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Semi-detached houses for sale at Otų str. 1, Melnragė

  • Only 2 house left :
  • Otu 1-2 with area 89 sq.m. at price 138.000 eur
  • Otu 1-3 with area 84 sq.m. at price 130.000 eur 
  • Semi-detached houses are located in Melnragė, Otų street 1 in a unique location – between the pine forest, the Baltic Sea and sand dunes . Good access to the city centre.
  • Construction started: March 2017
  • Construction ended: October 2017

Advantages of the semi-detached houses:

  • Autonomous gas heating;
  • Yard with a terrace;
  • Yard facing south-east;
  • Option to install a fireplace and/or sauna;
  • Spacious and convenient garage;
  • Large wooden windows – bright interior;
  • Very good heat insulation in external walls, windows and roofs;
  • Reliable sound insulation between the houses.

A perfect home just for you! ...


Roof - sloped, with an external rainwater system. Roof construction - ceramic tiles.

Partitions between the houses

Masonry, sand-lime bricks, 40 cm thick

External walls

Wall construction - FIBO masonry blocks. Thermal insulation - mineral wool panels. Insulation thickness: 200 mm. Exterior finish – HEYLEN and WIENERBERGER clinker bricks


Entrance stairs - monolithic concrete with finish and railings. Internal stairs from the 1st to the 2nd floor - metal/concrete, oak finish.


Large windows with wooden frames, 78 mm wide, double-glazed units, fixed windows with sliding doors on the first floor. External window sills - clinker bricks.


External doors - reinforced construction.


The electricity meter is installed outside within a LESTO electric panel box. The power inlet is inside the house.


A gas pipeline is connected to the house. Condensing boilers have been installed.


The heating system is currently being installed.

Water supply

Municipal water supply. Sewerage is connected to the city's sewage main. The water meter is installed near the house. The water and sewer inlets enter the house (in the garage).


Natural ventilation ducts are planned for installation in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet and garage.

Garage doors

Garage doors - produced by the German company HORMANN, are remote controlled.

Area - enclosed, complete with paths, pavements and a green lawn around the building. The terrace is tiled, and the surrounding area is lawned. The yard is separated from the neighbours by a fence.


Unsold 2 houses