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"SEA BREEZE" APARTMENTS, Vaivos street 30, Melnragė

The Melnragė district is a resort area in Klaipeda with the sea and beaches on one side and the Melnragė forest to the east. It is an area of exclusive appeal and rare natural beauty, where the smell of sea air and pine forests can be enjoyed all year round. The fresh air from the sea and forests is nature’s special gift to the local residents.

A new 3-storey, 16-apartment residential block is being built on the Lithuanian seaside in MELNRAGĖ, Klaipeda. Thanks to the materials used in its construction, the building will be assigned to Building Energy Efficiency class B. The building’s external finish is of clinker bricks.

  • Residents will benefit from a number of pre-laid roads, streets and pavements, ample lighting, carefully designed and planted surroundings, comprehensive utilities and a gas pipeline for heating.
  • The internal layout of the apartments can be adjusted according to future residents’ needs and preferences.
  • Adults will be able to enjoy a comfortable yard, complete with a gazebo, and there will also be a colourful playground for children.
  • Residents will have convenient access to a nearby supermarket ‘Maxima’, a library, several restaurants and hotels.
  • There is a walking and cycling route through Melnragė that connects with Giruliai, Karklė and Palanga on one side, and Klaipeda city centre on the other.
  • The homes we are building are intended for those who are looking for a quiet place to relax and enjoy the sea breeze, the sounds of the sea and the smell of swaying pines...


  • Klaipeda city centre ~ 1,8 km.
  • The sea ~ 400 m.
  • Dunes ~ 300 m.
  • Pier ~ 1100 m.
  • Pine forest ~ 80 m.
  • MAXIMA – nearby, ~ 100 m.
  • Library ~ 160 m.
  • Bus stop ~ 160 m.
  • Walking and cycling route (starting point, in the direction of Giruliai, Karklė and Palanga) ~ 200 m. Biržos bridge (Klaipeda’s Old Town) ~ 4700 m.


"We focus on high-quality, eco-friendly and modern solutions." - Laivys, UAB.

A well-developed infrastructure:
3000 metres away (in Klaipeda) there is a school and a kindergarten. MAXIMA supermarket is a one minute walk away. The city centre is comfortably, easily and quickly accessible by public or private transport.

Well organised surroundings:

A comfortable private yard, a colourful playground, a forest and beach nearby.

Modern, eco-friendly and energy-saving solutions:

  • DHW is separate for each apartment;
  • The heating system consists of: a condensing boiler, which uses 25% less gas and has a separate electronic control unit, which makes it easy to adjust the heat in the apartment and ensures accurate energy measurements;
  • Each apartment has the option to install heaters / air conditioning;
  • The exterior walls are constructed of WIENERBERGER clay blocks, complete with 20 cm thick thermal insulation;
  • The building façade is constructed using HEYLEN and WIENERBERGER clinker bricks;
  • All internal walls are constructed of clay blocks;
  • Floor pre-coating with 70 mm thick sound insulation;
  • The partition walls between apartments are constructed of clay blocks with additional 70 mm thick sound insulation;
  • Vertical engineering shafts with additional 70 mm thick sound insulation;

Safe. A modern security system. The residential complex is surrounded by a fence and access to the underground car park is protected by an automatic coded entrance. A coded system is installed at the entrance to the staircase and is connected to each of the apartments.
Comfort. Each apartment is designed to receive direct sunlight and has a cosy balcony/terrace oriented towards the sun (E, SE, S, SW, W).


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